History of "Paris"
3 Puppies from Paris X Boss litter have been shown for: -
"Hush" Baby in Show & "Nightingale" Opposite Sex Baby in Show, Qld Whippet Club Championships 6/8/16  
"CJ" Best Baby Whippet Bitch The Sighthound Specialty Show 7/8/16
Brisbane RNA 2016 - Best Baby Whippet Dog & Best Baby Whippet (Hush)
Best Baby Whippet Bitch (Nightingale) 8/8/16

 Australian Champion


Consistently successful ALL BREED CHAMPIONSHIP Shows
Under International,  Interstate and Local Judges
*Paris and her puppies all have dewclaws intact*

  • 6,7,8/8/2016 Babies excel at their first shows
  • 21/4/2016 Paris produces an outstanding litter of 3M 3F to "Boss" NZ CH. Ronndal Night Fever at Benbridge (imp NZ) 
  • 12/3/2016 Best of Breed, Bitch CC, Intermediate, Oakey, Mrs V Schneider (Qld)
  • 6/3/2016 Best of Breed, Bitch CC, Intermediate,  Casino,  Mrs Lynette Brown (NSW)
  • 5/3/2016 R/up Best of Breed, Bitch CC, Intermediate, Casino,  Mrs Patricia Hall (NSW)
  • Earnings surpass 100 CHALLENGE POINTS by 2.7 years old
  • 10/1/16 Best of Breed, BCC, Best Intermediate of Breed, Darling Downs, Mr T Horchner (Vic)
  • 9/1/16 Res. Challenge, Best Intermediate of Breed, Darling Downs, Miss M Joyce (Vic)
  • 13/12/15 R/up Best of Breed, Res.Challenge, Uralla Mrs D Gaitan (Columbia)
  • 30/10/15 Best of Breed, BCC, R/up in Group & Intermediate, Armidale Mrs J Bray (NSW)
  • 10/10/15 Best of Breed, BCC, Best Intermediate of Group, Kyogle Mrs C Muldoon (Ireland)
  • 8/10/15 Res. Challenge, Intermediate of Breed, Kyogle Dr M Apiwut Kasemsanta (Thailand)
  • 12/9/15 Best State Bred, Allora Rev C Seymour (NSW)
  • 11/9/15 R/up Best of Breed,  Bitch Challenge Allora show 1 Mrs M Long (NSW)
  • 11/9/15 R/up Best of Breed,  Res. Challenge, Allora show 2 Mrs J Mannell (Q)
  • 5/9/15 R/U Best of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Intermediate of Breed, Beadesert Mrs R Lane (Q)
  • 19/6/15 Best of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Rosewood Mr D Brooks (Qld)
  • 12/6/15 R/up Best of Breed, Bitch Challenge, Kalbar Mr A Weil (Qld)
  • 9/5/15 Best of Breed, Crows Nest Mrs M Morphet (Qld)
  • 19/4/2015 R/up Best of Breed, Res. BCC, Open Woodenbong Mrs L Rowels (NSW)
  • 18/4/2015 Best of Breed & Open Bonalbo  Mr J Rowels (NSW)
  • 20/3/2015 2nd Intermediate bitch class amongst quality Imported & BIS opponents
Toowoomba Royal Judge Mr O Belkis (Turkey)
  • 14/3/2015 Res. Challenge Oakey Mrs R Hartmire (Qld)
  • 7/3/2015 Res. Challenge Casino Mrs S. Gartner (NSW)
  • 18/1/15 after 6 mths break - Res. Challenge Darling Downs Mr G Carleton (NZ) 
  • 4/7/14 Junior of Breed - Laidley Mrs V Spence (Qld)
  • 26/6/2014 R/Up Best of Breed & Junior - Rosewood Ms D Howell (NSW)
  • 30/5/14 Best of Breed - Open - Lockyer Valley Mrs R Lane (Qld)
  • 3/5/14 Best of Breed + Best Puppy of Group - Bonalbo Mr W Burton (NSW)
  • 15/3/2014 R/up Best of Breed + BCC + Best Puppy of Group - Oakey Mrs H Weil (Qld)
  • 15/2/2014 Best Minor Puppy of Group - Clifton Judge Mrs R Henderson (Qld)
Paris was allowed to a 'forever' home as a baby, however ....
through no fault of her own, became unwanted by barely 6 months old 
Retrieved November 2013,  rehabilitated and retained at Junabeez
Baby Puppy History Paris

General Specials Judge Janelle Robbins (Vic) 
Paris was 4.5 months old

Best Baby Puppy of Group
North Coast Nationals
Judge L Butler (NSW) 

Best Baby Puppy of Group
Tweed River
Judge Erin Brown (Q) 

Owned and handled as baby puppy by Julie Jenkins