Your Hearts Desire may be waiting in the wings ~ no litter planned for 2018 but please use the application form on this site if you'd like to express interest for a future pup.

With respect that a puppy is a serious commitment - please consider the following :- 


A well fenced yard - mine have never leapt over 4' height although they can jump on the spot much higher than that.  A whippet can squeeze through quite a narrow gap,  so the yard must be safe.  Being such a friendly attractive breed,  security is also vital against theft of the dog.

Company - ideally another whippet companion,  another friendly dog,  or stay-at-home owner dedicated to being a companion to their whippet.  Whippets are unhappy being left alone for long periods. 

Responsible Owner - Whippets are smart sensitive loyal dogs that form very close attachments from an early age.  They suffer a sense of betrayal, abandonment and confusion when rejected.  So it is irresponsible and cruel to take any puppy on a whim or as a temporary disposable project.  

As sometimes a puppy cannot be retained for genuine reasons, first option to rehome is stipulated by this breeder.

Puppies vaccinated to age requirement, wormed per best practice, microchipped, ANKC registered with Dogs Queensland, bathing and nails trimmed regularly as part of general handling and socialisation.  

As advised by The Australian Veterinary Association,  pups are kept in their natural state with dewclaws intact.  More information under "Dewclaws" on the obove menu.  My whippets are shown with dewclaws.

The purebred Whippet is truly worthy of perpetuation and promotion...not just a dog.... 

Whippets are used to educate children about pets and trusted as therapy visitors to the aged and infirm. 

Whippets excel in a large variety of canine sports.  The  joyful ownership between whippets and owners is forever heartwarming.  

Sincere thanks to owners of Junabeez whippets for keeping in touch with news and photos of your whippets.