Puppies are forever - not "for Christmas"


Whippets form deep attachments, so please only consider a whippet if willing, able and committed to providing a caring genuine forever home for the 14+ years of  a whippet lifespan. 

~  Never over two litters bred from any female here.
~  Females never bred younger than 3 years or older than 7 years.
~  All my breeders have achieved show ring successes.
~  Our retired whippets enjoy a comfortable old age with us...current oldest 17 years.

Pups are sold with options to participate in various competitive fields:
Dogs Queensland ANKC Certified Pedigree Registration.
Sire, dam and puppy DNA verified for parentage.
2021 price $1800 includes initial C3 vaccination,  microchipped,  regular worming,  regular nail trimming, socialisation,  first gentle leading lessons,  ANKC transfer to new owner. 

My whippets are not available to pet shops,  agents or third parties.  
Stud dog services are not available to non-ANKC stock, other breeds or unapproved females.

If applying for a puppy,  your verifiable information is appreciated including:-
  • detailed background of the home offered
  • fence/shelter,  where would puppy sleep?
  • family work hours,  ages of children (if any).
  • other pets owned (if any)
  • purpose for a whippet  e.g. companion, pet, sport, showing, breeding, other.
  • full name of person/s applying to buy a puppy
  • full address where a pup is to be kept

Please fill out the form (at right) and Submit.  The message box expands as you type.  Prompt reply.   All submissions treated with strict privacy. 

Happy to discuss and answer any questions.  Email preferred due to busy lifestyle.

Kind regards,
Jo-Anne Miller